ELZA in global ophthalmology

ELZA on the global “Power 100 List”

  Only 2 eye doctors from Switzerland listed

  One of them works at ELZA

ELZA on the global “Top 40 under 40 List”

  The most important upcoming personalities in global opthalmology

  One of them works at ELZA

ELZA International

Pourquoi nous choisir?

L’institut ELZA représente une combinaison unique de chirurgiens hautement qualifiés, de physiciennes, et de chercheurs. Ensemble, ils garantissent un traitement optimal.


لماذا نحن؟

مؤسسة «الزا» في سويسرا تضم نخبة مميزة من اطباء عيون متمرسين, فيزيائيين, وباحثين, لكي تزودك بالعلاج الامثل.

اعرف اكثر

با انتخاب ما از چه مزایایی می توانید بهره مند شوید؟

موسسه الزا در کشور سوئیس شامل مجموعه ای از متبحترین چشم پزشکان، متخصصان فیزیک و پژوهشگران می باشد تا بهترین راه حل را برای درمان مشکل شما فراهم نمایند.

طلاعات بیشتر

Почему Вам лучше выбрать нас?

ELZA Institute в Швейцарии – это уникальное сочетание высококвалифицированных офтальмологов, физиков и научных исследователей, которые готовы предоставить Вам самoе лучшее лечение.


ELZA humanitarian and entrepreneurial

Our International humanitarian initiative

To increase awareness about keratoconus in children

To disseminate information amongst parents and children

To treat children with keratoconus in National Reference Sites

To perform research to identify the causes of keratoconus

Developing the future of Cross-Linking Technology

ELZA members co-founded a Spin-Off Company: EMAGine SA

EMAGine SA develops a cross-linking device that will fit on a slit lamp

The device will allow for treatment outside an operating theatre


November 14 to 17, 2015.

Prof. Farhad Hafezi. Instructional course on Cross-Linking. American Academy of Ophthalmology, Las Vegas

December 04 to 05, 2015.

Prof. Farhad Hafezi. Invited Speaker. British Ocular Surface Society. London.

December 16, 2015.

Prof. Farhad Hafezi. Invited Speaker. Anniversary Meeting of the Birmingham Eye Centre. Birmingham.



Light for Sight – fight visual impairment due to keratoconus in children and adolescents

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Light for Sight raises awareness about keratoconus in children

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Therapeutic Refractive Laser Surgery for irregular astigmatism

Interview with "The Ophthalmologist" Irregular astigmatism knows various underlying causes, including previous complicated eye surgery, and diseases like keratoconus. A common ...
Scleral CXL

The next frontier: cross-linking the sclera for progressive myopia

Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today Europe. Myopia is a growing concern on a global level. In certain areas of Asia, up ...
OSN logo

Cross-linking as alternative to antibiotic treatment for infectious keratitis

OSN, Ocular Surgery News Europe, October 2015. Summary of a presentation about PACK-Crosslinking given at the 2015 EUCornea meeting. Read here ...

PACK-Crosslinking for infectious keratitis

EyeNews. New article giving an overview about the current state of this exciting new field of corneal cross-linking. Read here ...

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