Daniela Mosbacher

Daniela Mosbacher grew up in eastern Switzerland, and after an apprenticeship as an EFZ optician, graduating from Gestalterische Berufsmatutitätsschule in Zurich. She is currently for a Dipl. Med. Doctor and Hospital Secretary qualification, which she will complete in Spring 2019.
She has been working in the field of ophthalmology since 2012 and is the main contact person at ELZA for patient enquires. In addition, Daniela is responsible for the surgical plans for all operations such as cataracts and blepharoplasy procedures.
In addition to all administrative work, she is responsible for many of the ocular biometry examinations performed at the clinic.
Daniela enjoys interacting with all of the patients she meets – Swiss and international alike. Outside of ELZA, Daniela’s passions are her a family, dog, book reading and collecting fine gins.