Nikki Hafezi, MAS IP ETHZ

Mrs. Hafezi has an English and Spanish degree (Bachelor of Arts) from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Mrs. Hafezi also has a master’s degree in intellectual property (MAS IP) from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zürich).

She resides with her husband and their three daughters in Zug, Switzerland.

Nikki L. Hafezi provides strategic management consulting services to academic institutions, industry, and non-profit organizations in the medical field throughout Europe and North America.

Since 2007, she is a partner at GroupAdvance Consulting GmbH in Zug, Switzerland. Since 2013, she also acting CEO of EMAGine SA in Zug, Switzerland.

Specializing in the field of ophthalmology, Mrs. Hafezi manages a spin-off company of the University of Geneva and a private ophthalmic clinic and vision research institution in Zurich, Switzerland. Her role involves business development, strategic planning, intellectual property management and fundraising.

In 2012, she co-founded „LightforSight“, an international initiative to identify and treat keratoconus in children and adolescents. Learn more here.

Having been recently recognized in the April 2015 edition of the British journal, “The Ophthalmologist” as being one of the “Top 40 under 40”, Mrs. Hafezi is among the “young, up-and-coming individuals set to rise to the top of the field.” Mrs. Hafezi was one of six females listed, and one of two nominees only representing industry.

Publications and Posts

ELZA at the CXL Experts Meeting 2018 in Zurich

The Cross-Linking Experts 2018 Meeting 2018 Zurich, organised by the Light for Sight Foundation,  took place in Zurich for the
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ELZA Institute 2017 in numbers

The ELZA Institute looks back at a successful 2017 in clinics, research and education Clinics We have successfully established the
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Innovation in ophthalmology: how to protect new ideas

See this video interview with Nikki Hafezi on how to protect new ideas and innovations in ophthalmology.
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ESCRS 2017 Highlights with Nikki Hafezi

Nikki Hafezi in a video interview with Touch Ophthalmology on the highlights of the ESCRS 2017 meeting in Lisbon.
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ESCRS 2017 Lisbon

Successful European ESCRS 2017 meeting for ELZA

ELZA at the 2017 European ESCRS meeting With 10'000 participants, ESCRS has become one of the largest ophthalmological congresses in
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New Research Laboratory for Ocular Cell Biology and Biomechanics

Our new Research Laboratory at USC Roski Eye Institute

New Research Laboratory for Ocular Cell Biology and Biomechanics at the USC Roski Eye Institute After 4 years of preparation,
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CXL at the slit lamp

Why perform corneal cross-linking at the slit lamp?

CXL at the slit lamp may provide access to all. Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today Europe April 2017: ELZA member and
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September 2016: Cross-Linking at the Slit Lamp

ESCRS (European Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgery) Copenhagen The Geneva University Spin-off company EMAGine will present the C-Eye device.
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June 2016: Cross-Linking in Down Syndrome

Cross-Linking in Down Syndrome: Interview with Nikki Hafezi. The National Keratoconus Foundation in the US highlights the work of the
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May 2016: Report on ELZA in „Schweiz am Sonntag“

Schweiz am Sonntag. Report on ELZA and its clinical and research activities on refractive laser surgery, cornea, keratoconus and crosslinking.
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April 2016: Prof. Hafezi again voted onto the global PowerList 2016

The Ophthalmologist. We are very proud to announce that the founder of the ELZA Institute, Prof. Farhad Hafezi, has been
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April 2016: International Cross-Linking Experts Meeting Zurich December 2016

CXL Experts Meeting, Zurich, Switzerland, December 2-3-, 2016. The ELZA member Farhad Hafezi is a member of the scientific committee
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February 2016: Light for Sight, philantropic cross-linking in emerging countries

The Ophthalmologist. Cover story about the Light for Sight foundation and its efforts to bring CXL therapy to a young
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February 2016: Editorial on Dry Eye Treatment

Ocular Surgery News Europe. Editorial on the OSN Roundtable discussion, written by Farhad and Nikki Hafezi from ELZA in Switzerland.
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January 2016: How to choose the best cross-linking procedure in 2016

European Ophthalmic Review. Epi-on or epi-off? Accelerated or not? A review from Nikki Hafezi and Farhad Hafezi on the current
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Cross-linking in children: the „Light for Sight“-Foundation

Schweizer Illustrierte. Keratoconus treatment by cross-linking in children and adolescents, at the ELZA Institute. Read here (article in german).
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Light for Sight raises awareness about keratoconus in children

Ocular Surgery News. Light for Sight is uniting clinical institutions, research groups, patient organizations and the private sector in order
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Enterprising Ophthalmology

The Ophthalmologist. How to enterprise ophthalmology: 3 parties, 3 countries, 3 approaches, with the ELZA Institute. Read here.
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April 2015: Nikki Hafezi on the global „Top 40 under 40“ list

The Ophthalmologist. We are very proud to announce that our head of Strategy and BD&L, Nikki Hafezi, MASIP ETHZ, has
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Light for Sight 21. Inauguration Greece reference center.

World Down Syndrome Day 2015. holds a press conference on the opening of the LfS21 Reference Center in Thessaloniki.
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You Have a Great Idea. Now What?

The Ophthalmologist. Nikki Hafezi gives a guide to turning bright ideas into commercial realities. Read here.
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The Ophthalmologist. The concept of using photoactivated chromophores for corneal cross-linking (PACK-CXL) as a weapon against infectious keratitis is compelling.
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A proposed therapy with potential to treat a global problem

Cataract & Refractive Surgery Europe Today. Infectious keratitis is a leading cause of global blind- ness, with an estimated 5
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Award for Spin-off company

Journal of the University of Geneva. EMAGine SA, a spin-off company from the University of Geneva and co-founded by Nikki
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PACK-CXL: New cross-linking protocol for corneal infections

Ocular Surgery News. An optimized treatment protocol, a miniaturized device that mounts on a slit lamp and a new photosensitizing
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Keratoconus and Down Syndrome (Article in german)

Keratoconus is extremely frequent in Down Syndrome. Read here.
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Translational Vision Research in Refractive Surgery

Journal of Refractive Surgery. Editorial on how to translate research into clinical applications in the field of ophthalmology. Read here.
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Translational Research in Ophthalmology (Article in French)

Ophta. First symposium on translational research in ophthalmology. Read here (Article in French).
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