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Swiss EyeCare at its finest


Swiss medical excellence. There’s a reason why Switzerland delivers word-class healthcare, and it’s not because of the clean air and beautiful surroundings.

The Swiss healthcare system is unique. Most Swiss citizens can choose to visit any physician they want in the country for treatment and have it covered by insurance. Everyone wants to be treated by the best surgeon – so the driving force is quality of service, making what’s on offer truly world class.

This is why people travel from all over the world to Switzerland for treatment: Swiss medical excellence. It’s what ELZA epitomises.

Because even for Switzerland, ELZA is no ordinary eye practice, thanks to its combination of research, equipment, and experience.

So why not come to ELZA and experience Swiss eyecare at its finest?



Leading Ophthalmologists

The Global PowerList 100 ranks the most influential people in modern ophthalmology – ELZA staff have been ranked 6 times in the past 5 years, which is unique for an institute of our size.

We educate

Our scientific work has been cited over 10,000 times by our peers and has helped shaping ophthalmology.

We teach

We hold 4 professorships in Europe, North America and China (USA, Switzerland, China)

We publish

Our  research (532 papers to date) appears in the top journals of ophthalmology and medicine.



At ELZA, we understand laser surgery completely. We have 20 years of experience – and we’ve successfully treated everything from the simplest to the most complicated cases.

We’ve researched everything from the molecules that make up the cornea, to clinical trials on hundreds of patients: our understanding spans “molecule to man”. And when you come to ELZA, before we do anything else, we make sure we understand even the finest details of your cornea to give you a truly bespoke treatment.

Next, we’ll formulate a customized treatment plan, informed by our decades of experience. And when it

comes to touchless laser treatment with our state-of-the- art laser, there’s another detail you should know…
Unlike most practices, ELZA is not merely a user of lasers. Instead, we help develop them. Our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t is unparalleled.

ELZA handles everything – from a simple myopia correction to some of the most complicated cases ever, referred to us by surgeons from all around the world – with the same care and attention being paid to scanning, planning and treating each person’s cornea.

Trust ELZA to deliver great vision. You’re in the hands of true experts, after all.



If you have keratoconus and you’re reading this, you’ll know that corneal cross-linking (CXL) is the only treatment that can slow or stop the progression of this disease.

ELZA’s surgeons and researchers are world leaders in both keratoconus and cross-linking research.

We’ve been there from the start, and our work has – and continues to – shape the field.

Our surgeons have also pioneered this treatment with post-LASIK ectasia, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, Terrien’s Disease and even keratoglobus.

We are the only centre in the world that’s able to perform both individualized (adjusted to the thickness of the cornea) and customized cross-linking (treatment customized according to the shape and location of
the cone). Our decades of cross-linking experience mean that your cornea couldn’t be in safer hands.



What’s the point of plastic surgery that makes you look plastic? Yet so many people who have eyelid surgery don’t end up looking younger – they just look like they’ve had plastic surgery. Why? Perhaps too much skin was removed here, or a muscle was shortened by a little too much.

Creating a visage that looks youthful, but most importantly, natural, is a work of art. And it takes years of experience to achieve this consistently.

Our consultant surgeon, Dr. Dion Paridaens, MD, PhD is internationally renowned and one of the most experienced oculoplastic surgeons in the world – he’s performed more than 30,000 oculoplastic procedures to date, and it’s this experience that means you will look fantastic, not plastic, after surgery.



Whether it’s orbital decompression to improve the symptoms and appearance of bulging eyes in Graves’ Disease, tumour removal, or even evisceration or enucleation, it’s always the surgeon’s experience that counts. It’s as simple as that.

So whether the surgery is for cosmetic or therapeutic reasons, know that ELZA’s surgeons have performed more than almost any other surgeon in the world.

For example, Dr. Dion Paridaens, MD, PhD, has performed over 2,000 orbital surgeries to date. Few, if any, surgeons practicing today can claim to have done that.

Be sure about your surgeon. Safety and success stem from experience – and our surgeons are world leaders because of theirs.

At ELZA, you can be sure that you’ll be in safe hands.



We understand optics. We know that cataract surgery
is more than just replacing a cloudy lens with a clear plastic one. For us, cataract surgery is refractive surgery. For light to reach the lens, it has to pass through the optics. That’s why we comprehensively assess your cornea, lens and retina, before doing anything else.

We will work with you to understand the type of vision you want after surgery, and make a treatment plan to deliver excellence.

Whether you want to see clearly with or without glasses, we have a wide range of techniques and lenses to give you excellent post-surgical vision.

Your goal is to see clearly after the procedure – we will do the rest. At ELZA, we have the most modern surgical instruments and femtosecond lasers, and access to the latest and most advanced lenses. This is all designed to give you a trouble-free procedure, with the best-possible vision afterwards.



Whether it’s using the laser to treat irregular astigmatism or corneal scars – or an entire corneal transplant, ELZA’s surgeons are world leaders.

Our surgeons’ knowledge of the cornea is comprehensive, earned over 20 years of research and clinical practice. We’re educators too: countless surgeons have learned how to perform some of the most advanced corneal transplantation techniques available today (such as DMEK) or therapeutic corneal laser surgery from us.

It’s why you’ll find ELZA surgeons presenting on the podium at every major international eyecare conference, and why there’s a procession of doctors visiting ELZA to learn from us.

They recognise our knowledge and expertise – from
the molecular level upwards – and aspire to one day deliver what we do every day: happy patients with great outcomes.



Glaucoma therapy has undergone a revolution over the last 10 years. Instead of being all about eyedrops and major drainage surgery, we are in a new era of glaucoma surgery: an age of lasers and microinvasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS).

For MIGS to be successful, these micro-stents that re-open the eye’s natural drainage pathways have to be implanted in the right place to have the desired effect.

At ELZA, our team includes glaucoma surgeons who are MIGS and laser experts – who have been there from the start and know exactly what to do.

So whether your objective is to take fewer eyedrops for pressure control, or you need a much bigger intervention for IOP control, the experts at ELZA can deliver the highest standard of care, with the latest technologies and best practice methods to give you what you want.


+41 44 741 81 81

+41 44 741 81 81

Prof. Farhad Hafezi, MD, PhD, FARVO

Cataract and Refractive Surgeon

Dr. Dion Paridaens, MD, PhD

Oculoplastics, orbital and lacrimal surgery

Dr. Lamis Baydoun, MD

Corneal and anterior segment surgery

Dr. Kaweh Mansouri, MD, MPH

Glaucoma and anterior segment surgery

How to us


Direct train (S3 or S12) from Zurich Main Station to Dietikon Station, less than 15 minutes.


GPS address: “Grünaustrasse 4, 8953 Dietikon” .


Bus No. 304 Direction Zürich-Altstetten, Stop: Heimstrasse or Bus No 309 Direction Dietikon-Silbern, Stop: Grünau/Rapidplatz


Direct train to Dietikon Station, approximately 20 minutes.

Webereistrasse 2

8953 Dietikon/Zurich, Switzerland

+41 44 741 81 81