ELZA Institute 2017 in numbers

admin@elza-institute.com Dion Paridaens, Farhad Hafezi, Nikki Hafezi, Podium Power, Sabine Kling

The ELZA Institute looks back at a successful 2017 in clinics, research and education


We have successfully established the first consultation for Down Syndrome in Switzerland.

We also started a specialized Dry Eye consultation using the latest technology in the field and are treating an increasing number of patients with irregular astigmatism, especially suffering from keratoconus.


We have given a total of 64 lectures at international congresses on 4 continents.

Our CMO, Prof. Farhad Hafezi, has been appointed Visiting Professor at the Medical University of Wenzhou, China, to foster the collaboration between ELZA and Wenzhou University in terms of research projects. Hafezi now holds three active professorships (University of Geneva, Switzerland, University of Southern California Los Angeles, USA and University of Wenzhou, China)


We have published six articles in non peer-reviewed journals, including an article named „Is Keratoconus Really Rare“ in the journal US Ophthalmic Review.

We were heavily involved in the International CXL Experts Meeting, with our Chief Medical Officer as head of the Scientific Committee.



We have inaugurated a second research laboratory at the University of Southern California Los Angeles, in close collaboration to Prof. J. Bradley Randleman, an international leader in corneal biomechanics clinical research. Together with our existing laboratory at the University of Zurich, we will be able to advance research in cornea, keratoconus and corneal cross-linking even faster for the benefit of our patients.

New Research Laboratory for Ocular Cell Biology and Biomechanics

We have published a total of 15 publications in international peer-reviewed journals: 12 original articles, 1 editorial, 1 review and 1 case report.