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Podium Power: Dion Paridaens gives three ESASO oculoplasty lectures in Lugano

For the second year in a row, Dr. Dr. Dion Paridaens gave a series of lectures at the 2019 ESASO Course on Orbital, Lacrimal & Oculoplastic Surgery Course in Lugano, Switzerland (21–25 January, 2019). ESASO is the European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology.

His three interactive lectures were on the topics of orbital infection, orbital non-infectious inflammation and socket surgery. Furthermore, Prof. Paridaens was an instructor on the dissection course, where he demonstrated an external dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) procedure, lower lid entropion surgery, upper lid entropion surgery and canthoplasty for lower blepharoplasty to a large group of very motivated young colleagues in the field.

Scientific Coordinators Drs. Ramon Medel and Luz Vasquez (Barcelona) commented that this course has been the best rated amongst all ESASO courses in recent years. This year’s course attracted participants from 17 countries.


Farhad Hafezi flies to Sao Paulo to lecture at SIMASP

Farhad Hafezi at the 42nd SIMASP Congress held in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Rather than spending Valentine’s Day (February 14th) with his wife, Prof. Hafezi, instead, bravely spent that day (and the day after) being an invited international guest lecturer at the 42nd SIMASP meeting in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The lectures he gave to the assembled audience of Brazilian ophthalmologists were:

  • Diagnosing, treating and managing low compliant paediatric patients with keratoconus
  • Ophthalmology residency program in Germany and Switzerland
  • Inflammation and its management in refractive surgery
  • Lessons from the last 10 years. How will we be cross-linking in 5 years’ time?

Emilio Torres-Netto wins a Best Case Presentation award at the 23rd ESCRS Winter Meeting in Athens, Greece

Emilio Torres wins Best Case Presentation at Winter ESCRS 2019 Athens

While Prof. Hafezi was in Brazil at SIMASP, Emilio Torres-Netto was in Greece, attending the 23rd ESCRS Winter Meeting, held at the Megaron Centre in Athens. While there, Emilio gave a case presentation, “Late-onset progression of keratoconus following therapy with estrogenic receptor”, which was awarded “Best Case Presentation”. Emilio also  presented “Individualized corneal cross-linking in ultra-thin corneas: one-year treatment outcomes” in the Free Paper Session and was an author on three e-Poster presentations:

Ocular Surgery News covered the individualized cross-linking in ultra-thin corneas presentation, interviewing Emilio about it for their meeting coverage news.



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