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Growing the Refractive Surgery Market: Better Outcomes and Big Data

Prof. Hafezi an a video interview with EyeWorld at ESCRS 2018.

Farhad Hafezi was interviewed by EyeTube on what he thinks is essential for running a successful refractive surgery center, now, and in the future.

His main point that was that the key driver of success is customer satisfaction – this always has, and will continue to be the case. And what drives customer satisfaction is delivering the visual outcomes that you promise your patients, and that comes down to precision. Precision is driven by technology: you need to use the best possible diagnostic and surgical instruments to generate the best outcomes, and the happiest patients. Going forward, he noted, the next big advance in improving outcomes is big data: artificial intelligence learning that collects structured data – that can be local to your practice, or global in nature – which helps better predict the anticipated results. This won’t just apply to practices in Europe or North America, but across the world, and this transformation will become apparent over the next few years.


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