The Symptoms of Cataracts

The first picture shows the visual quality in a patient before developing a cataract; the middle and last images show the effect of early-stage and advanced cataract, respectively.

Normal vision

Early-stage cataract

Advanced cataract

Early visual symptoms of cataract

Early symptoms include increased glare, an need for brighter lighting when reading, and needing a longer time to adjust to changes in ambient lighting.

Light is scattered by the cataract

Symptoms of advanced cataract

In later stages, people’s visual acuity gradually decreases and can not be properly corrected even with glasses. In addition, patients become even more short-sighted due to the compression of the lens. Sometimes, this can mean that people can see near objects without reading glasses, but this effect is only temporary. If left untreated, cataracts can become completely opaque, blocking light and eventually leading to blindness.

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