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Cosmetic eyelid surgery: costs

Why We Believe You Should Avoid Cheap Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic eyelid surgery may legally be performed by any surgeon. As eyelid surgery has increased dramatically in recent years, many “providers” of such surgery today have low surgical experience in this field offering low prices.

Reducing prices means cutting back. This may be fine if you buy a TV, but it’s never worth the risk of a careless operation.

The only way to ensure safe and effective eyelid surgery is exceptional with Surgeons and an individual postoperative care. None of this costs a lot and we do not pretend that it does.

However, we are anxious to make eyelid surgery more affordable and also offer you very competitive Financing Models with 0% interest on

How much will eyelid surgery cost me?

If you want to talk about the cost of cosmetic eyelid surgery, even before you make an appointment, then one of our patient coordinators will be happy to help. Just contact us.

Every operation includes


Preliminary investigation by the surgeon

Further corrections

Any corrections are included within the first year.


All follow-up inspections are included in the first year


All medications and eyedrops are included for the first 6 months


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