FAQ Eyelid Surgery

Before surgery

The preliminary examination takes about 30 minutes and you can come by car. Please bring old portrait photos (passport photos are quite sufficient). These should be taken more than 10 to 15 years ago if possible. If you want to check for a specific event in the past (e.g. accident, surgery) please also bring photos from before the event.

No. Despite the highest quality standards, the prices at the ELZA Institute are the same as at a public hospital. The operation falls under health insurance for medical indications and these benefits are uniformly regulated throughout Switzerland.

Yes. Blood-thinning medicines (e.g. aspirin, aspirin cardio, Tiatral, Marcoumar, Sintrom, AlkaSeltzer, Ponstan etc.) should be stopped if possible 5 days before the operation. Do not stop taking these medications of your own accord: we will discuss this in advance with your family doctor. If you have noticeable bruises or if you have persistent bleeding after injuries, this is also taken into account in the surgical planning.

For the last 5 days prior to the operation, avoid analgesics (e.g. headache) containing acetylsalicylic acid, which is included in medications including Aspirin, Aspirin Cardio, Tiatral and AlkaSeltzer. Other painkillers are allowed.

The surgery

This will depend on the type of anesthesia and will be discussed with you when planning the surgery.

No. You should appear without makeup and bring dark sunglasses.

Limit smoking if possible. Smoking leads to increased bleeding during the operation and, as a consequence, to bruising and poorer wound healing. In general, smoking should be reduced or, ideally, stopped in the days before and after surgery.


This question will be discussed individually by the doctor depending on the type of procedure.

The doctor will specifically discuss this question with you during the preliminary examination.

No. The operation will be painless for you. This applies for both general anaesthesia and for local anaesthesia.

This question will be specifically discussed with you by the doctor. Some operations are taken over by the health insurance, while others are not. In any case, the operation will not be planned until this point has been clarified.

After surgery

Please apply the ointment directly to the wound in the morning, at noon and in the evening. It is an eye cream. If something gets into your eye, it is not dangerous.

This will depend on the type of procedure and will be discussed directly with you.

Yes. Immediately after the operation, there is a certain swelling of the eyelids, which is usually the strongest on the second day after the operation and then slowly decreases. A cooling face mask can help to minimize swelling in the first 48 hours.

In the first 48 hours as much as possible should be cooled by means of a cooling face mask. This is delivered to the patient after each operation. The swelling is strongest on the second day after surgery and then decreases slowly. Do not use creams or make-up until suture removal.

You will receive a basket from us, which you wear at night, to avoid rubbing your eyes during sleep.

Apart from rare exceptions (basal cell carcinoma), our patients do not need a bandage.

This depends on a variety of factors. Most patients have no or minimal bruising. In any case, a bruise is usually not dangerous, but usually a “cosmetic” problem that resolves itself after 2 weeks. The following groups are at increased risk for post-operative bruising: smokers, people with high blood pressure, and the elderly.

Sutures are usually removed after six to seven days. Please do not use creams or make-up until then. After suture removal, neither ointment nor cream should be applied to the eye for three days.

Yes. Itchy eyelids are normal and are a manifestation of the healing process.

From the tenth day after the operation you can gently massage the scar once a day for 5 minutes with circular movements of the fingertips. Use a scar cream. The massage should be carried out for 6–8 weeks.

Yes. The outer lid angle remains sensitive to pressure for months. This is because here are many skin nerves that need to regrow.

Yes. The fine skin nerves that supply the eyelashes grow back slowly. This can sometimes take several months.

From the tenth day after the operation, you can apply make up without any restrictions. But be careful when removing make-up: do not rub make-up on, only spot it on.

In general, light sport activities are permitted from the eighth day onwards is possible. As a rule of thumb, avoid all sports activities in the first 4 weeks that make your face go red – for example, weightlifting.

Swimming is possible 14 days after the operation.

From the third day after surgery. Shower water and soap in the wound area are not dangerous, as long as you do not rub your eyelids. Under all circumstances, do not rub your eyelids!

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