Laser surgery: prices

Why We Believe You Should Avoid Cheap Eye Laser Surgery

Reducing prices means cutting back. This may be fine if you buy a TV, but it’s never worth the risk to play with your eyesight. The only way to ensure safe and effective eye laser surgery is with exceptional surgeons, rigorous screening, the latest technology and personalized postoperative care. None of this costs a lot and we do not pretend that it does.

However, we are anxious to make eye laser surgery more affordable and also offer you very competitive financing models at 0% interest.


How much will eye laser surgery cost?

Our standard treatment option is adequate for most patients. For some patients, especially those with very high dioptric numbers, we need to perform additional screening and planning to ensure the best and safest treatment. If you are one of those rare patients, we recommend our unique High Profile treatments.

If you want to talk about the costs of eye laser surgery, even before you make an appointment, then one of our patient coordinators will be happy to help. Simply contact us.

Short Check

CHF 50
  • Laser eye surgery suitability assessment
  • Autorefractometer
  • Measurement of vision
  • Corneal topography
  • Corneal thickness

Preliminary examination

CHF 380
  • Preliminary examination
  • Clarification of your individual needs
  • Latest technology
  • Monovision measurement contact lenses + CHF 100


CHF 2'900
  • Myopia
  • Hyperopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Wavefront-guided treatments
  • Includes SmartSurf technology
  • Perfect Pulse excimer laser
  • Touch-Free laser


CHF 3'600
  • Complex optics
  • High degree of myopia (> - 6.0 D)
  • High astigmatism (> 2.0 D)
  • High hypermetropia (>3.0 D)
  • Approaches to overcome presbyopia

Every surgery includes


All follow-up controls are included in the first six months.

Further Corrections

Corrections included within the first 3 years.


All medications and eye drops within the first 6 months.

Wavefront-Guided Treatments

Wherever possible, we perform a wavefront-guided treatment to correct even fine optical errors to ensure the best-possible vision for our patients.

Natural Aging

Changes that occur in the years after lasering by presbyopia.

Examples of instalments

Cosmetic laser eye surgery is not covered by health insurance. If you want to talk about financing with us in advance, please do not hesitate to contact us via email, with the subject “Financing”.

If you want to pay in instalments, then after a deposit of 20% instalments over 6 and 12 months are possible.

Both eyes

20% down payment with 6 monthly instalments
773 CHF / month
  • 0% financing
  • 20% down payment

Both eyes

20% down payment with 12 monthly instalments
387 CHF / month
  • 0% financing
  • 20% down payment

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Thomas S.
Thomas S.
09:37 07 Jul 21
My left eye had to be operated on because of a cataract. As I had an Artiflex lens implanted a few years ago, it had to... be removed first before a modern lens could be implanted to correct the cataract. Prof. Hafezi treated me in an very competent and friendly manner. I am very happy with the more
Selma A. Rahim
Selma A. Rahim
19:45 02 Jul 21
Dr. Hafezi.. the KING OF CXL🤴
Gianluca Ricci
Gianluca Ricci
12:46 10 Apr 21
Great team and service!
05:36 08 Apr 21
Excellent surgeon
Steven H.A
Steven H.A
16:13 11 Jan 21
Prof. F. Hafezi s expertise is enormous and he has a very pleasant and calm nature which gives the patient... security.Thank youread more
Online Commande
Online Commande
09:19 05 Dec 20
Totally creepy, very arrogant Prof.He just want your money.It may explain, why this Prof. is not in the center of the... city of Zürich and why he has been thrown away from University of more
Elena Churilova
Elena Churilova
10:06 17 Nov 20
At the moment, 3 months have passed since the moment I made laser vision correction in this clinic. and I can say that... I am happy that I chose this particular clinic and Prof. F. Hafezi. The entire staff of the clinic is very friendly, treats patients with sympathy and patience if they are nervous before surgery (my big gratitude to Aida Alili for all support and patience). The doctor Hafezi and other doctors of the clinic are very professional and ready to explain to you as many times as you need. I can only recommend!read more
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Augeninstitut ELZA
Based on 80 reviews
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