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FAQ Myopia Control

Does my child need a general ophthalmological examination before beginning myopia control?

Yes, a detailed ophthalmological examination is necessary. Among other things, the length of the eyeball is measured using state-of-the-art ray-tracing technology.

Are the costs of myopia control covered by the health insurance company?

No, the costs of myopia control are currently not covered by the health insurance in Switzerland.

How can I make an appointment?

You can always make an appointment with us either by phone (044 741 81 81) or by e-mail ( or via our contact form. In a first step, we will perform a detailed ophthalmological diagnosis.

At the beginning of the treatment, the controls are more frequent. Once the treatment has been initiated, checks are carried out every three months.

Will the myopia control hurt?

No. If your child receives contact lenses and does not know them yet, they may initially experience an uncomfortable feeling while wearing them, but we use the latest technology so that most patients adapt very quickly.

Is there scientific literature that really shows that this works?

For many decades, in ophthalmology, we believed that myopia can not be slowed down. But modern ophthalmology has learned a lot in the field of myopia control over the past 10 years. A number of large-scale studies have proven in recent years that this form of myopia control is effective.

My child is only 8 years old, is it old enough for myopia control? Even if you would use contact lenses?

Yes. It used to be thought that children should only wear contact lenses when they were teenagers. However, a number of studies have shown that contact lenses are safe for younger children, as long as the hygienic handling of the lenses is practiced. It also depends very much on how you, as a parent, judge your children. Also in terms of contact lens materials and designs, these have improved significantly in recent years.


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