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The Risks of Myopia Control Therapies


The side effects of the 0.01% atropine eye drops should not be compared with the side effects that can occur with (100 times stronger) 1% eye drops.

The major studies on the subject have not described any serious side effects, however:

  • Allergic reactions in 4.5% of patients

  • Glare in 1.5%

  • Blurred view in the vicinity in 1.0%

Quelle: Chua et al, Ophthalmology, 2006


Ortho K contact lenses / Multifocal contact lenses

Contact lenses have the general risks of wearing contact lenses, especially the risk of infection.

Please take all the follow-up appointments so that we can examine your child’s eyes regularly and contact us at any time if your child complains about new symptoms.

Léonard Kollros

Optometrist, ELZA Institute


The ELZA Institute

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