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The Risks of Myopia Control Therapies


The side effects of the 0.01% atropine eye drops should not be compared with the side effects that can occur with (100 times stronger) 1% eye drops.

The major studies on the subject have not described any serious side effects, however:

  • Allergic reactions in 4.5% of patients

  • Glare in 1.5%

  • Blurred view in the vicinity in 1.0%

Quelle: Chua et al, Ophthalmology, 2006


Ortho K contact lenses / Multifocal contact lenses

Contact lenses have the general risks of wearing contact lenses, especially the risk of infection.

Please take all the follow-up appointments so that we can examine your child’s eyes regularly and contact us at any time if your child complains about new symptoms.

Léonard Kollros

Optometrist, ELZA Institute



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