Myopia control with Special Contact Lenses

Ortho K Contact lenses /
Multifocal Contact lenses

Ortho-K lenses are special contact lenses that are worn at night and flatten the cornea in the center and the periphery. Multifocal contact lenses contain various optical zones and are worn during the day.

Both systems affect how the image from the periphery of the cornea is projected onto our retina. Both systems can be used to slow the progression of myopia. Which system can be used with your child, we will discuss with them after a detailed preliminary investigation.

Our protocol

At the beginning of the consultation, a detailed ophthalmological examination is carried out, in which we thoroughly examine the eye and, among other things, measure the total length of the eye using ray tracing technology. After consultation with the pediatrician then the therapy with contact lenses is initiated. Your child will be cared for throughout the duration of the treatment. In most cases, such a therapy continues until the natural growth of the child slows down so much that a further progression of myopia is unlikely.


Special contact lenses or atropine? Both systems give similar results in slowing myopia. Which one we will use depends on the individual circumstances of your child.

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