Teaching affiliations

Members of ELZA are strongly affiliated with various national and international universities and editing houses. Also, they give invited lectures at international congresses multiple times a year.

Farhad Hafezi: Professorship since 2010

Farhad Hafezi: Professorship since 2012

Farhad Hafezi: GlobalONE international advisory board member since 2013

Farhad Hafezi: Assistant Professorship (Privatdocent) from 2000 to 2008, and Professorship from 2008 to 2010

Farhad Hafezi: Editorial board member since 2013

Farhad Hafezi: Associate Editor since 2012

Farhad Hafezi: Editorial board member since 2012

ELZA members speaking at international congresses (past 12 months)

Cross-Linking in the USA – Part 3: Off-Label applications

cxl in the usa = oxygen riboflavin
Cross-Linking: Off-label applications Epi-off CXL Cross-linking ...
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Farhad Hafezi on being appointed FARVO

A smiling Farhad Hafezi receives a letter from ARVO....
Being appointed FARVO – Fellow of ...
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ELZA at the CXL Experts Meeting 2018 in Zurich

The Cross-Linking Experts 2018 Meeting 2018 ...
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ELZA at the 2018 ATMO Eye Meeting in Tunisia

ELZA in Tunisia: ELZA founder Farhad ...
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Zurich ophthalmologist receives award in Russia

Swiss ophthalmologist receives an award in ...
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K-MAP at ESCRS 2018

Farhad Hafezi was interviewed by Eyetube ...
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ELZA at ESCRS 2018

The ELZA Institute's surgeons and researchers ...
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Cross-Linking beyond keratoconus

Farhad Hafezi presenting at the 19th Annual Congress of Serbian Ophthalmologists at the Kopaonik Grand Hotel
Why did the Serbian military offer ...
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Understanding your eye’s strengths and weaknesses

“For most people, seeing a “cone” ...
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Thyroid and Vision

Prof. Hafezi in a video interview ...
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CXL controversy 2018: Hype or reality?

Prof. Hafezi in a controversy about ...
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