ELZA’s experience in Orbital Decompression

Dr. med. Dr. phil. Dion Paridaens

Dion Paridaens is our eyelid and orbital surgeon at the ELZA. In addition, since 1996 he has been a senior physician at the Eye Clinic Rotterdam and an internationally known and awarded eyelid and orbital surgeon. Dr. Over the course of his career, Paridaens has trained dozens of ophthalmologists in Europe in the field of eyelid and orbital surgery and has a proven track record of over 20,000 operations. 

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  • Secretary of the European Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Eyelid and Orbital Surgery (ESOPRS) since 2014
  • Founding member of the Dutch Orbita Society and elected member of the Anglo-Spanish Orbital Society
  • Medical adviser to Oog Patient Foundation in the Netherlands
  • Medical Advisory Board of 2 medical thyroid patient associations in the Netherlands
  • Instructor of young specialists in eyelid and orbital surgery since 2002
  • Over 100 scientific publications on the subject of orbital surgery.

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