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Can Cross-Linking (CXL) treat Terrien’s Marginal Degeneration (TMD)?

What is Terrien's Marginal Degeneration?Surprisingly little is known about what causes Terrien’s marginal degeneration (TMD) ...
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Cross-Linking in the USA – Part 4: The Future

PACK-CXL The process of cross-linking the cornea involves two important antimicrobial actions. The first is ...
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Cross-Linking in the USA – Part 2: Best Practice

Follow best-practice Anaesthesia Topical, usually with tetracaine or proparacaine, although children and non-cooperative patients may ...
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Cross-Linking in the USA – Part 1: Patient and Riboflavin Selection

Cross-Linking in the USA Corneal cross-linking (CXL) in the USA is a relatively recent phenomenon, ...
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Fixing your SMILE: how do you reoperate, and what are the consequences for corneal strength?

Other vision healthcare professionals regularly refer patients to ELZA who have “challenging corneas”; many are ...
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Children: to cross-link or not to cross-link?

Children: to cross-link or not to cross-link? If a person is going to develop keratoconus, that ...
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SmILE biomechanically more solid than flap-based laser surgery

SmILE provides a biomechanically more solid residual cornea than flap-based approaches. SmILE more solid than ...
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Algorithm predicts CXL effect

A new algorithm to predict the Cross-Linking effect

New algorithm predicts CXL effect and might help to treat keratoconus corneas thinner than 400 ...
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Journal of Refractive Surgery April 2017 Cross-Linking at the slit lamp

Another step towards cross-linking at the slit lamp

Journal of Refractive Surgery: Cross-Linking at the slit lamp and riboflavin distribution. We are currently developing ...
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Veterinary Ophthalmology Journal

New insights on the penetration depth of cross-linking

Penetration depth of Cross-Linking is species-dependent. In this scientific article, we supported the research of ...
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The effect of repeated Corneal Cross-Linking

Repeated Corneal Cross-Linking under laboratory conditions does not increase biomechanics. In this scientific article from ...
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2nd edition of the textbook “Corneal Cross-Linking” available at ASCRS 2017

Our Textbook on Corneal Cross-Linking available at ASCRS Los Angeles May 2017. We are proud ...
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Review on Corneal Biomechanics

February 2017. Review on Corneal Biomechanics by Sabine Kling. Dr. Sabine Kling from our research ...
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Chinese translation of the Hafezi/Randleman Cross-Linking textbook

January 2017. University of Wenzhou, China. The textbook "Corneal Cross-Linking" by Farhad Hafezi and J ...
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October 2016: ELZA and CME in the Middle East

ELZA and CME for ophthalmologists in the Middle East ELZA and CME for ophthalmologists in ...
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Medical Textbook on Corneal Cross-Linking, 2nd edition

Slack Inc., Thorofare, New Jersey We proudly announce that the second edition of our medical ...
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July 2016: Argus II retinal prosthesis, 5-year data

Ophthalmology. The present study describes the clinical outcomes of the Argus II retinal prosthesis in ...
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epi-on Cross-Linking

June 2016: ELZAs international clinical trial on epi-on Cross-Linking

 Journal of Refractive Surgery. Epi-on Cross-Linking has so far been disappointing in terms of clinical outcomes ...
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March 2016: Does Pulsed Cross-Linking for keratoconus provide any clinical advantage?

Journal of Refractive Surgery. This clinical study by Alireza Peyman, with the participation of the ...
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January 2016: How to choose the best cross-linking procedure in 2016

European Ophthalmic Review. Epi-on or epi-off? Accelerated or not? A review from Nikki Hafezi and ...
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