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  • ELZA’s team members are very involved in both clinical and basic research. ELZA follows the American model, in which advances in medicine do not necessarily always have to come from a university. Even small and innovative so-called “think tanks” can serve as incubators for translational research.

  • Patients can benefit from physicians who not only know and use the latest medical technology, but have helped to develop them – and therefore have a deeper understanding of them.

Basic research



  • Better understanding the mechanisms of wound healing of the cornea after refractive laser surgery.
  • Improving cross-linking technology.
  • Keratoconus and corneal biomechanics.
  • Further developing PACK-CXL for treating corneal infections.


Clinical research


  • Improvement of ablation algorithms in refractive laser surgery.
  • Complications managment: the establishment of new techniques for the correction of complications after refractive laser surgery.
  • Improvement of the corneal cross-linking technique for the treatment of progressive keratoconus, postoperative keratectasia, melting corneal processes and corneal dystrophies.

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