Eyelid cleaning / BlephEx therapy


The meibomian glands sitting in the lid edges produce the very important oily portion of the tear film. If these glands are blocked, insufficient amounts of oil are released:. This means that the tear film evaporates too quickly, causing the surface of the eye to dry out. As a result, two things happen:

  • The eye remains dry and inflamed, which in turn puts strain on the meibomian glands. A vicious circle arises.
  • The eye tells the brain that the surface is dry. As a result, the brain produces more water, and the eyes overflow. Paradoxically, the too dry eye drips again and again.

Treatment: eyelid cleaning

Blepharitis is improved by regular eyelid cleaning, and this also improves dry eye. The aim is to reactivate any blocked sebaceous glands. In the first step, you clean the lid margin with a special solution. Then the lid edge is heated with a special eye mask. Sebum consists of fat; the warmer the fat becomes, the thinner it is. The thin liquid sebum can now be expressed from the sebaceous glands by gentle massage using gentle circular movements of the upper and lower eyelids.

BlephEx: in-depth lid margin cleaning

BlephEx therapy is an in-depth cleaning of the lid margin with a BlephEx device. This cleaning is done at the institute and takes about 20 minutes. In case of marked inflammation of the lid margins, this therapy should be performed twice a year.  

How does BlephEx therapy work?

The cleaning takes place in 2 steps, similar to the tartar cleaning at the dentist:

Step 1: done at home. You regularly clean the eyelid edge, we show you how.

Step 2: done by us. Every 6 months the eyelid edge is professionally cleaned.

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BlephEx therapy is not covered by health insurers; the costs are similar to tartar cleaning at the dentist.

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