Keratconus and eye rubbing

Habit or allergy?

When rubbing the cornea is mechanically weakened. A clear connection between heavy eye rubbing and a progression of keratoconus has been known for several years. Eye rubbing can be a habit, for example when a contact lens wearer removes the lenses in the evening and then rubs his eyes extensively.

But there may also be an allergy (hay fever, house dust), in which the eyelids itch and redden. Here we will try together with allergists to suppress their symptoms so much that they no longer feel the urge to rub.

Do you also rub your eyes?

Often it is better to ask family, friends or life partners, as those affected often do not notice how much they rub on the eyes.

The “techniques” of the eye rubbing vary from patient to patient: some rub with their fingertips, others with the heel of the hand and others (and this is arguably the most dangerous form) with their knuckles.

Rubbing eyes with fingertips

Rubbing eyes with knuckles

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