in very high myopia

Everybody tells me "No, this isn't possible"!

“I never heard that I could be lasered. Every doctor told me it isn’t possible.”

If you have -12 D of myopia, you might have heard over the last few years that it is not possible to live without glasses.

That isn’t necessarily the case. In order to do a transPRK for -12D, the surgeon needs to have:

  • A deep understanding of corneal biomechanics, including developing
  • Special diagnostic instruments
  • The right laser system

Why are we able to treat -12 diopters?

We use the latest diagnostic instruments, including OCT-based topography and corneal epithelial mapping to understand the shape of your cornea completely.
Using ultra high speed dynamic Scheimpflug imaging, we determine the strength of your cornea, and  whether it can undergo high myopia laser treatment. This is a technology ELZA directly helps to further develop.
The smoother the surface of the cornea after treatment, the less haze and scar formation. We helped develop the laser tech that gives the smoothest surface on the market: SmartSurface.

Preserve stability, avoid scarring

The two main concerns when removing that much tissue are:

  1. long-term stability of the cornea and
  2. excessive scarring in the first months after surgery resulting in poor vision.

The reason why is that these surgeons fear by removing lots of tissue from the cornea to correct the high myopia, they might compromise the mechanical stability of the tissue, and induce a wound healing response that results in scarring. 

This is completely understandable. But at ELZA, we are able to overcome these issues.

At the forefront of research and development

ELZA can do so, because we have performed the research that has shown the way forward, and have combined it with the latest diagnostic and laser technology, and decades worth of refractive surgery experience.

Because we have the latest corneal diagnostic instruments, we can determine the thickness, strength and shape of every cornea we examine. This information, combined with decades of refractive laser surgery experience, means that we can tell whether a cornea can undergo high myopia Trans-PRK (up to 12 D) and still be mechanically stable afterwards. 

Our research work has shown the way forward in terms of avoiding corneal haze and scarring after laser surgery. Working with the manufacturer of the laser, we have shown that the smoother the corneal surface after laser ablation, the less scarring and haze occurs. This work, performed by ELZA, won the Best Refractive Poster Prize at the Winter meeting of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons in 2020.

We are able to perform TransPRK on people with 12 D of myopia with confidence thanks to SCHWIND SmartSurface TransPRK. The laser incorporates “SmartPulse” technology, which generates a precise 3D model of the cornea, which allows the laser to provide better, closer and more even spacing of laser pulses on the cornea, leaving a smoother cornea afterwards, resulting in less scarring, faster healing times, and visual recovery times far faster than what was possible before with traditional PRK.

If the cornea is suitable, we can offer the non-invasive, gentle, stress-free TransPRK – and clear vision – to people with high myopia up to 12 D.

TransPRK procedure explained

What do I do next?

If you want to proceed, get in contact, or make an appointment for a detailed examination.

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Gianluca Ricci
Gianluca Ricci
12:46 10 Apr 21
Great team and service!
05:36 08 Apr 21
Excellent surgeon
Steven H.A
Steven H.A
16:13 11 Jan 21
Prof. F. Hafezi s expertise is enormous and he has a very pleasant and calm nature which gives the patient... security.Thank youread more
Online Commande
Online Commande
09:19 05 Dec 20
Totally creepy, very arrogant Prof.He just want your money.It may explain, why this Prof. is not in the center of the... city of Zürich and why he has been thrown away from University of more
Elena Churilova
Elena Churilova
10:06 17 Nov 20
At the moment, 3 months have passed since the moment I made laser vision correction in this clinic. and I can say that... I am happy that I chose this particular clinic and Prof. F. Hafezi. The entire staff of the clinic is very friendly, treats patients with sympathy and patience if they are nervous before surgery (my big gratitude to Aida Alili for all support and patience). The doctor Hafezi and other doctors of the clinic are very professional and ready to explain to you as many times as you need. I can only recommend!read more
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Augeninstitut ELZA
Based on 74 reviews
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