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Video Interviews with ELZA members

Thyroid and Vision

Prof. Hafezi in a video interview with EyeWorld at the World Ophthalmology Congress 2018 in Barcelona about the relationship between

CXL controversy 2018: Hype oder reality?

Prof. Hafezi in a controversy about Cross-Linking with Prof. Damien Gatinel at the Science2Clinix-Kongress in Bangalore. 

What’s new in corneal cross-linking (CXL) in 2018?

Prof. Hafezi gives an overview at Science2Clinix 2018 in Bangalore about ELZA’s latest research results on corneal cross-linking research. Amongst

Video Interview: Global Innovations

Video Interview on a new indication for corneal cross-linking ELZA founder Prof. Farhad Hafezi speaks about treating therapy-resistant corneal infections
corneal infections

September 2016: treat corneal infections at the slit lamp

Copenhagen, Denmark. Video Interview at ESCRS 2016 on treating corneal infections at the slit lamp using corneal cross-linking.

September 2016: Video Interview, Slit Lamp Cross-Linking

ESCRS Copenhagen 2016 EyeTube Video Interview with ELZA founder Farhad Hafezi: a new technology to perform cross-linking at the slit lamp might